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Petroleum Storage Tanks

Whichever fuel you want to store, get from us a right kind of tank. Our company produces petroleum storage tanks for petroleum, automotive and many other industries.

Petrol Pump Canopies
Fuel station and petrol pump canopies are fabricated in-house. Based on the brand, theme, our company can produce the canopies in correct size with proper lighting fixtures.
Tanker Lorry

Tanker lorry is required for the movement of liquid products from the manufacturing plant to customers, distribution centers or any other place. Large quantity of liquid product can be supplied using it.

Porta Cabin
Porta cabin is a pre-engineered structure which is required in any building for the accommodation of gatekeeper/ security guards. This cabin is not fixed onto the floor and thus can be moved easily to other locations.
Granby Cars

Get in touch with us to buy granby cars which are meant to be used for hand- or power-shovel loading. The body of this type of car is raised and lowered to handle goods in warehouses, construction sites, etc.

Pre Engineered Buildings
Pre engineered buildings are metal structures, whose components are developed in-house and are assembled at the site. These buildings can be fabricated and assembled in lesser time compared to masonry building,
Chemical Agitator
Several industries, from chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical to food demand chemical agitator. This industrial machine is required for blending material, storing liquid material, etc.

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